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Three-way Friendly Tournament

The Valverde, Tavira and Isla Canela clubs are to stage a three-round mini tournament over three consecutive Tuesdays in February 2010, with one round hosted by each club.

For each round, each club will field four triples (ie 12 players), and six eighteen-end matches will take place:

Two points will be awarded for each win, with one point to each side for a drawn game. Points will be accumulated over the three rounds to decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. In the event of a tie on points, cumulative shot difference will decide placings. The hosting club will arrange for a light lunch after the game.

Round 1 was played at Isla Canela on Tuesday 2nd February, starting at 10:30am (Portuguese time = 11:30 Spanish time). The Valverde team comprised:

After Round 1: Tavira = 6 pts, Valverde = 4 pts, Isla Canela = 2 pts. See details

Round 2 was played at Valverde on Tuesday 9th February, starting at 10:30am. The Valverde team comprised:

After Round 2: Tavira = 10 pts, Valverde = 7 pts, Isla Canela = 7 pts. See details

Round 3 was played at Tavira on Tuesday 2nd March. The Valverde team comprised:

After Round 3 (see details), and therefore Final placings:-

  1. Tavira = 14 pts
  2. Valverde = 13 pts
  3. Isla Canela = 9 pts

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