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Lawn Bowls Club
Almancil, Algarve

The magic of Bifocals

An old man called Billy, who practises Bowls with his pals each week, has just purchased a new pair of glasses.
On the first end, he draws four touchers. His friends are amazed. Again, on the 2nd and 3rd ends - 4 touchers.
“Hey, Billy”, one friend asks, “what’s your secret? You’ve never bowled so well."
“Well guys, its these new bifocals. I see a small jack and a big jack. I aim for the large one, and the rest is history.”
A few ends later, Billy needs to relieve himself so off to the toilets he goes.
When he returns, his trousers are drenched.
"What happened, Billy?"
Billy, in confused voice, “I reached in and looked down, I saw a big one and a little one. I knew the big one wasn’t mine, so I put it back!”

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