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Match against touring party

VBC played a match of 5 rinks against
a UK club touring party (Bovingdon BC) on Sunday 23rd April, 2017.
Match start time = 10:30
The selected Valverde team and game scores are shown below.
Captain of the Day - Geoff Allen
Joe Cairns (lead),     Pat Collins,     David Russell,     Jack Romano (skip):-       lost 17-18      
Ray Cansdale (lead),     Helen Scott,     Margaret Wilson,     Geoff Drewer (skip):-       won 24-9      
Rita McKinlay (lead),     Maria Romano,     Sue Hunt,     Peter Wilson (skip):-       won 19-17      
Teresa Allen (lead),     Margaret Cairns,     Dora Drewer,     Peter Hollis (skip):-       won 20-14      
Mary Anne Whitehead (lead),     Fred Hunt,     Gordon Butterworth,     Geoff Allen (skip):-       won 36-4      
Overall, VBC won 4 - 1 in games, and won 116 - 62 in shots

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