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Match against touring party

VBC played a match of 7 rinks against a touring party from Bognor Regis BC on Friday 4th October, 2013. Match start time = 14:30
This match was the annual PFX Trophy, sponsored by Premier FX.
The trophy was won by Bognor Regis in 2012, so Valverde were looking for revenge!
The Valverde team and game scores are shown below.
Captain of the Day = David Russell
Roma Gilchrist (lead),       Margaret Cairns,       Sue Hunt,       Jack Romano (skip):-       lost 13-20      
Maria Romano (lead),       Teresa Allen,       Penny Henley,       Jeff Perry (skip):-       won 24-10      
Brian Pullin (lead),       Ray Yorke,       Eric Brown,       Ken Rawlins (skip):-       lost 20-22      
Stella Allison (lead),       Tim Smith,       Geoff Allen,       Keith Henley (skip):-       won 20-18      
Richard Morriss (lead),       Jane Smith,       David Russell,       Gordon Linford (skip):-       lost 15-21      
Pat Collins (lead),       Kay Cooke,       Margaret Linford,       Peter Wilson (skip):-       lost 15-21      
Rita McKinlay (lead),       Chris Vipond,       Graham Scott,       Margaret Wilson (skip):-       won 21-17      
Overall, VBC lost by 3 rinks to 4, and by 128 shots to 129.

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