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Match against touring party

VBC are to play a match of 8 rinks against
a Personal Touch touring party (Stoke Park BC) on Tuesday 3rd October, 2017.
Match start time = ?
The selected Valverde team is shown below,and game scores will be added to this page after the match.
Captain of the Day - Mel Knickle
Graham Deykin (lead),    Paul Tobin,     Dora Drewer,     Peter Hollis (skip)
Maggie Martin (lead),    Alan Hyatt,     Christine Martin,     Graham Martin (skip)
John Benson (lead),    Maria Romano,     (tba),     Mel Knickle (skip)
Barry Grice (lead),    Pat Collins,     Ken Rawlins,     Peter Wilson (skip)
Bruce Martin (lead),    (tba),     (tba),     Paul Rawlings (skip)
Rita McKinlay (lead),    Alan Hyatt,     Sue Hunt,     Geoff Drewer (skip)
Fred Hunt (lead),    David Russell,     Jacquie Tobin,     Henry Parlour (skip)
(tba) (lead),    (tba),     Paul Frampton,     Jack Romano (skip)

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